• Docker
  • Docker Compose
  • Ensure that your system has more than 4 GB memory
  • Ensure that your system has more than 30 GB free disk space

Deploying the pilot environment using build container

docker run --rm -v /opt/cincan/:/opt/cincan cincan/build:0.4

cd /opt/cincan/build

docker-compose up -d

The Gitlab will take some time to get up. When it's up and running, you can move on to setting up a pipeline.

Note! The latest version is currently 0.4!

Setting up a pipeline

You can list all pipelines that have a setup script, by typing sudo ./

sudo ./  

[+] Cloning the pipelines.git

    This script executes from pipelines/<PIPELINE>
    Usage: sudo ./ <PIPELINE>

Available pipelines:

Currently, there are two pilot pipelines with quick setup: pdf-pipeline, and the more advanced document-pipeline.

For example, to setup the pdf-pipeline, follow these setup steps:

  1. sudo ./ pdf-pipeline

  2. The pipeline will print out the public SSH key. Login to local Gitlab ( or and paste the SSH key before continuing the script.

  3. Type in username and password when prompted.

  4. The script will ask to login and to set up the pipeline to concourse. You can alternatively manually run the commands, see PIPELINE-README.

  5. Login to or to see the pipeline work.

How to stop and remove the whole pilot environment

sudo ./opt/cincan/build/

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