Ghidra Headless Analyzer - Version 9.1

Ghidra is a software reverse engineering (SRE) framework created by National Security Agency. This is an attempt to make docker image for purely decompiling binaries with headless version of Ghidra, and to produce decompiled C - code.

These includes sets of postscripts, which can be run in headless mode.


Any software binary in native instructions.


With default script, Decompiled source code in pseudo C - code. Output depends on used scripts.



Method 1. Clone the repository and build by yourself

git clone
cd tools/ghidra-decompiler
docker build . -t cincan/ghidra-decompiler

Method 2. Pull the docker image

docker pull cincan/ghidra-decompiler

Method 3. use 'cincan' tool

Follow 'cincan' tool installation steps. If this tool is used, no need to install 'ghidra-decompiler' separately.


Method 1. Run the docker container

Analyse a sample in directory "/samples":

docker run -v /samples:/samples cincan/ghidra-decompiler decompile /samples/ghidra_sample.exe

Or get possible arguments for the program:

docker run -v /samples:/samples cincan/ghidra-decompiler --help

Method 2. Run with 'cincan' tool:

Analyse a provided example sample. It can be found from path _samples/amd64/hello_world from _samples directory.

cincan run cincan/ghidra-decompiler decompile _samples/amd64/hello_world

Get help for specifically this tool:

cincan run cincan/ghidra-decompiler --help


Few tests are included for testing the functionality of container. These contains at least:

  • Test entrypoint
  • Test --help option
  • Decompile without options (= let Ghidra detect configuration automatically)

Tox can be used for testing this tool (run from root of this repository):

pip install tox
tox ghidra-decompiler

Sample file

Simple C file, which as following code:

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
    printf("Hello, World!\n");
    printf("And Hello for Ghidra Headless Analyzer!\n");
    return 0;

File is located in : _samples/amd64/hello_world

Project homepage

See more about Headless Analyzer in here.


Ghidra itself is distributed under Apache 2.0 licence, however all additional features included here are under MIT licence.