ILSpy (console only) - version 5.0.2

A Dotnet assembly decompiler and portable PDB generator.

Reference to PDB.


.NET Assembly


Decompiled source code in C#, PDB or Visual Studio Project



Method 1. Clone the repository and build by yourself

git clone
cd tools/ilspy
docker build . -t cincan/ilspy

Method 2. Pull the docker image

docker pull cincan/ilspy

Method 3. use 'cincan' tool

Follow 'cincan' tool installation steps. If this tool is used, no need to install 'ILSpy' separately.


Method 1. Run the docker container

Analyse a sample in directory "/samples":

$ docker run -v /samples:/samples cincan/ilspy /samples/ilspy_sample.exe

Or get possible arguments for the program:

$ docker run -v /samples:/samples cincan/ilspy --help

Method 2. Run with 'cincan' tool:

Analyse a provided example sample from this directory:

$ cincan run cincan/ilspy samples/ilspy_sample.exe

Get help for specifically this tool:

$ cincan run cincan/ilspy --help


Few tests are included for testing the functionality of container. These contains at least:

  • Decompile without options
  • Decompile only PDB file
  • Decompile as Visual Studio Project

Tox can be used for testing this tool (run from root of this repository):

pip install tox
tox ilspy

Sample file

Sample file was created for CriM-2019 workshop (Compiled binary C# .NET Assembly). It contains simple dropper for malicous binary from remote URL.

Project homepage

NuGet repository of console-only:


Distributed under same terms (MIT Licence) than ILSpy itself.