Scan PDFs for certain keywords, Javascript, auto-open functions etc.




PDFiD report


1. Clone the repository

git clone https://gitlab.com/CinCan/tools
cd tools/pdfid/

2. Build OR pull the docker image

docker build . -t cincan/pdfid
docker pull cincan/pdfid

3. Run the docker container

Analyse a sample in directory "/samples":

$ docker run -v /samples:/samples cincan/pdfid /samples/sample.pdf

Run with triage-plugin:

$ docker run -v /samples:/samples cincan/pdfid /samples/sample.pdf -p plugin_triage


--version             : show program's version number and exit

-h, --help            : show this help message and exit

-s, --scan            : scan the given directory

-a, --all             : display all the names

-e, --extra           : display extra data, like dates

-f, --force           : force the scan of the file, even without proper %PDF header

-d, --disarm          :  disable JavaScript and auto launch

-p PLUGINS, --plugins=PLUGINS
                      : plugins to load (separate plugins with a comma , ; @file supported)

-c, --csv             : output csv data when using plugins

                      : minimum score for plugin results output

-v, --verbose         : verbose (will also raise catched exceptions)

-S SELECT, --select=SELECT
                      : selection expression

-n, --nozero          : supress output for counts equal to zero

-o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT
                      : output to log file

                      : options for the plugin

-l, --literalfilenames: take filenames literally, no wildcard matching

--recursedir          : Recurse directories (wildcards and here files (@...) allowed)

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