Radare2 is complete unix-like framework for reverse engineering and binary analysis - version 4.3.1

Radare2 is complete unix-like framework for reverse engineering and binary analysis. It is built around command line tools, but there is also graphical user interface Cutter built around it. It is a rewrite from scratch from original radare.

It supports disassembling code, debugging programs, attaching to remote gdb servers, analyzing binaries such as relocations of symbols, binary diffing with graphs, producing ROP gadgets and shellcodes and so on.

This image contains additionally plugin r2ghidra-dec as preinstalled.


Radare2 supports variety of different binary architectures. The most updated list can be found from here.

In practice, you can analyse any file, but here are supported file formats:

ELF, Mach-O, Fatmach-O, PE, PE+, MZ, COFF, OMF, TE, XBE, BIOS/UEFI, Dyldcache, DEX, ART, CGC, Java class, Android boot image, Plan9 executable, ZIMG, MBN/SBL bootloader, ELF coredump, MDMP (Windows minidump), WASM (WebAssembly binary), Commodore VICE emulator, QNX, Game Boy (Advance), Nintendo DS ROMs and Nintendo 3DS FIRMs, various filesystems.

The most updated list is here.


R2 is mostly used in interactive mode, but there are variety of outputs, including graphs, JSON files, different report formats



Method 1. Clone the repository and build by yourself

git clone https://gitlab.com/CinCan/tools
cd tools/radare2
docker build . -t cincan/radare2

Method 2. Pull the docker image

docker pull cincan/radare2

Method 3. use 'cincan' tool

Follow 'cincan' tool installation steps. If this tool is used, no need to install 'radare2' separately.

Tool supports interactive mode as well.


There is wrapper script entrypoint.sh which enables only to use tools coming with radare2. It also enables for running scripts in scripts folder.

Method 1. Run the docker container

Let's expect that we have subfolder in current directory named as 'samples'

docker run --rm -itv $(pwd)/samples:/r2/samples cincan/radare2 r2 /r2/samples/hello_world

This will make radare2 to open file.

Consult radare2 documentation to make analysis!

Method 2. Run with 'cincan' tool:

Above can be executed, when --interactive and --tty flags are provided (similar to docker) for cincan command.

cincan run -it cincan/radare2 r2 samples/hello_world

Example fo using 'r2_callgraph.sh' script, which is using 'samples' directory as argument. It will generate graph from binary's function calls.

cincan run cincan/radare2 script r2_callgraph.sh samples

Get general help for using container:

cincan run cincan/radare2 --help


For more examples about the tool, see some blog posts:

Project homepage

Website: https://www.radare.org/n/
GitHub: https://github.com/radareorg/radare2
Cutter (GUI): https://cutter.re/
Cutter Git: https://github.com/radareorg/cutter


GNU General Public License v3.0