"Analyze suspicious files and URLs to detect types of malware"

Retrieves file or url results from VirusTotal.
By default only sends hash of a file to check if the file has already been analyzed.
It's possible to send the whole file if report doesn't exist with --send argument


any file


Virustotal report


1. Clone the repository

git clone https://gitlab.com/CinCan/tools
cd tools/virustotal/

2. Build OR pull the docker image

docker build . -t cincan/virustotal
docker pull cincan/virustotal

3. Run the docker container

Scans all urls in the newline delimited file:

$ docker run -v /files:/files cincan/virustotal --output /files/ --url_file /files/url_file [options]

Scans all files in the folder:

$ docker run -v /files:/files cincan/virustotal --output /files/ --files /files/ [options]


[--send, -s] Sends file or url to be analyzed if existing report doesn't exist [--verbose, -v] Sets verbosity to high

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