Day 9 - Dex2Jar

Writer: Karoliina Kemppainen

Dex2Jar is one of the tools that has been dockerized in the CinCan project. It was developed by pxb1988 (Bob Pan), and it can be used to convert .dex file to .class files (zipped as jar)

Use cincan-tool to run dockerized tools cincan command line tool:

In this case we have sample apk-file in samples folder

$ cincan run cincan/dex2jar samples/selendroid-test-app.apk

After running the command .jar package can be found from work directory.


And this is it! For further examination you should use different tools. (Don't worry we will later present you a tool which you can use to decompile .jar packages!)

This, and many other tools can be downloaded from CinCan project's Gitlab repository and Docker Hub. You can also read more about dex2jar from their own GitHub page.