Thug pipeline

Run a honeyclient (thug) on each URL in a file, get the analysis files in a separate commit

Tools run in the pipeline

Honeynet Thug

How to set up the pipeline

  1. Setup a git repository with a master branch with the URLs in a file urls.txt separated by newlines

  2. Add your repository and SSH private key to the creds.yml

  3. Login to concourse

fly -t $TARGET login -c -u $USERNAME -p $PASSWORD

  1. Set up the pipeline

``fly -t $TARGET set-pipeline -c pipeline.yml -p scan-urls -l creds.yml

  1. Unpause the pipeline

fly -t $TARGET unpause-pipeline -p scan-urls

  1. Trigger the job run-thug

``fly -t $TARGET trigger-job -j scan-urls/run-thug```