Here is the list of tools we have dockerized for the CinCan project so far.

All images can be found at:

Linux tools

Tool name Description Input Platform
Binary analysis
binary-analysis-tool-bat Binary Analysis Tool BAT with extra tools binary Linux
binwalk Firmware analysis tool binary Linux
dotnetdecompile Decompiler using th ILSpy engine .NET Linux
ghidra-decompiler Linux
manalyze A Static analyzer for executables binary Linux
r2-callgraph Modificated Radare2 image to analyze binaries ELF / PE binary Linux
snowman-decompile A Native code to C/C++ decompiler ELF Mach-O PE LE Linux
twiggy Analyze a binary's call graph .wasm (ELF/Mach-O) Linux
pe-scanner Linux
Memory analysis
r2-bin-carver A Script to carve files from memory dumps memory dumps Linux
volatility An Advanced memory forensics framework memory samples Linux
Network analysis
dns-tools Linux
scrape-website Linux
suricata Network threat detection engine (IDS, IPS, NSM) PCAP,network traffic Linux
tshark Parse PCAP and capture network traffic PCAP,network traffic Linux
pywhois Retrieve information of IP addresses IP Linux
Shellcode analysis
shellcode2exe Converts shellcode into executables shellcode Linux
Document analysis
jsunpack-n Scans URLs and PDFs. PDF,URL,PCAP,JS,SWF Linux
oledump-linux Analyze MS Office (OLE) files DOC, XLS, PPT Linux
olevba Extract and analyze VBA macros from Office files DOC,DOT,XML,PPTM,VBA Linux
pdf-tools The DidierStevensSuite PDF Linux
pdf2john John The Ripper for extracting hash from PDF Encrypted PDF Linux
pdfexaminer Uploads PDF to for scanning PDF Linux
pdfid Scan PDFs for keywords, Javascript, auto-open... PDF Linux
pdfxray-lite Analyze PDFs PDF Linux
peepdf A Powerful python tool to analyze PDFs PDF, shellcode Linux
rtfobj Detect and extract (OLE) objects in RTF files RTF Linux
vba2graph Generate call graphs from VBA code DOC,XLS,BAS Linux
access-log-visualization Visualizing webserver's access log data access.log (Apache) Linux
c-ci The Concourse CI Linux
c-worker The Concourse Worker Linux
clamscan ClamAV virus scanner any Linux
flawfinder Scan C/C++ code for security flaws C/C++ Linux
hyperscan Regular expression matching library Linux
identify-file Identifies file type using several techniques Linux
iocextract Extracts urls, hashes, emails and ips from a file any Linux
ioc_strings Extracts urls, hashes, emails, ips, domains and base64 (other) from a file. any Linux
keyfinder Find and analyze key files on a filesystem or APK filesystems, APK Linux
s3-resource-simple A Resource to upload files to S3 Linux
sleuthkit Open source digital forensics Linux
trufflehog Search git repos for accidentally committed secrets git repository Linux
virustotal Analyze files and URLs to detect malware any Linux
xmldump Parse XML files XML Linux

Windows tools

Binary analysis
binskim A Light-weight PE scanner binary Windows
jakstab Analyze executables,recover control flow graphs ELF / PE binary Windows
pestudio Scan binary files for security related information EXE,DLL,CPL,OCX... Windows
System and file analysis
capture-bat A Behavioral analysis tool of WIN32 apps Windows
processhacker Monitor resources, debug software, detect malware Windows
regshot Registry compare utility Windows
sysanalyzer An Automated malcode runtime analysis application Windows
sysinternals Manage, troubleshoot and diagnose Win systems/apps Windows
Shellcode analysis
convertshellcode Shellcode disassembler shellcode Windows
Document analysis
officemalscanner Scan MS Office files for malicious traces DOC, XLS, PPT Windows
oledump Analyze MS Office (OLE) files DOC, XLS, PPT Windows
pdf-parser Parse PDF to identify the fundamental elements PDF Windows
pdf-stream-dumper Analyze PDF documents PDF Windows