Day 18 - binwalk

Writer: Erno Kuusela

Binwalk is the go-to-tool for analyzing firmware images. It's also useful for finding embedded data such as images, archives, and so on inside mainsteram-OS executables.

This tool is by Craig Heffner from Binwalk Labs.

Here's what it looks like in action:


Check out more usage tips at the official Quick Start Guide.

If you want to try our teeth on something and happen to be running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, check out /lib/firmware/liquidio/lio_23xx_vsw.bin for a Linux Inception journey!

Binwalk has a very large array of external tools it can call out to, and an architecture that lets it look for them at runtime. This makes it an interesting packaging challenge, since we also don't want to end up with an enormous Docker image. What we provide is missing some of the graphical OpenGL functionality.

This, and many other tools can be downloaded from Docker Hub and CinCan project's Gitlab repository.